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Deekie - Brickenden

Some really pretty, hazy dream pop from London based Deekie. Spotted one of their tracks being posted by Verb/re/verb yesterday and fell in love pretty quick. It was the second song on this little EP that really did it for me. The underpinnings of it could almost be a Burial track with the focus eventually shifting to the dreamy, haunting vocals that come in halfway through.


The Tao Of Con - Memory

A short EP of some pretty great chilled out, dreamy, nostalgic pop tunes from a guy called Conor Maier. I don’t want to slap the name chillwave on this… But it certainly reminded me of when that genre was still fresh and exciting back in 2009.


Tiger Waves - Only Good Bands Have Animal Names

Hell of fun album from Austin band, Tiger Waves. Sounds like these dudes have a lot of variety in their influences and theres quite a bit going on over the course of this album. Consistently fun and kinda’ beachy though. Also they have an animal name and I read somewhere that only good bands have animal names.



Planéte - You

Four track ep of some very laid back electronic pop music. Wasn’t expecting vocals from the first half of the title track, but then they kicked in and I went from enjoying it to loving it. The vocals are wonderfully lackadaisical in delivery and pretty sombre in contrast to the otherwise tropical-y backdrop they are set to. Sweet little EP.



Tungs - Poplicker

8 tracks of post-punk-y noise rock from Virginia based band, Tungs. If you dig it there are cassette copies available for just a few $ too!


It Is Rain In My Face. - Wishbone

More chilled out musical bliss from Matthew Jones’ project, it is rain in my face. I’ve been looking forward to hearing more from him since listening to his Distal Cues EP, and if you checked that out, you probably have too. Top quality blogs, Get Off The Coast, Pasta Primavera and Head Underwater have posted a track each and a small interview piece over the past week to wet everyone’s appetite for the EP that finally dropped via Absent Fever yesterday.


Stray Kites - Mieux

An album of lo-fi folk pop from Virginia. The lo-fi touch makes this feel really intimate, like you could turn around and realise your headphones are unplugged and these guys are actually just jamming in your bedroom. Uhh that makes them sound hell of creepy… Woops. Forget I said that and just go listen.


Black Coffee and Stephee Pie - Spin

A few mellowed out, organic electronica jams. As you might have noticed, I really dig Steffaloo and basically everything she gets involved with. Here is another Steffaloo collaboration, this time with a dude who puts out music under the name Black Coffee & Cherry Pie. Download it!

Slice of pie 4 u.

Legowelt - The Teac Life

New free to download Legowelt album. Sweet. In his rambling description of it he refers to it as forest-techno, which I think is probably the best term for it you could think of.


Radical Face - The Bastards Volume 1

You’re probably familiar with Ben Cooper’s indie pop solo project, Radical Face already. Well he’s got a new record coming out in the near future and has decided to release a series of free EPs of songs that didn’t work in the context of the album. Here’s the first one. Check it out.


Yes Know - Place

An album full of some pretty spectacular, folk infused, hazy, shoegaze by a dude called Sandy Gilfillan. Check it out!


J R G - You’re With Me

Some really nice, swirly indie pop from one of the dudes from Arches. You can grab a tape copy of this little EP from over at Treetop Sorbet, stream it over at his soundcloud, or grab the mp3s from the mediafire link on the soundcloud page